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  Founder / Director: Mr. Remi Mičiulis

  Monarchist, screenplay writer, businessman

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 Chief Operating Officer and co-founder (COO): Mr. Martin McCafferty


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 Human Resources Officer and co-founder (HRO): Mr. Richard Alberto


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 Chief Financial Officer and co-founder (CFO): Mr. David Harpur


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 Financial Manager and co-founder (FM): Mr. Peter Mugwambi


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 Chief Sales Officer and co-founder (CSO): Mr. Andy Thompson


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 Senior software developer and co-founder: Mr. Shahab Kamali


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 UI/UX designer and co-founder: Mr. Iman Fattahi


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 Software developer and co-founder: Mr. Abhishek Bhandare


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Advisory board

 Advisor and co-founder: Mrs. Natalia Tolmacheva


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Previously updated 16 Feb 2020

Vacancies for:

Lead Developer (Python and Django);

Mobile app developer (Android + iOS);

Marketing Manager;

Content Writer (native English speaker)

to join in as equity paid co-founder

If interested, please send your CV to remi.miciulis@remi-net.uk

Applicants ONLY from UK/EU

Company stage: planted-in SEED


Registered in England and Wales | Company number 10675396

Registered office: 71-75 Shelton Street, Covent Garden, London, United Kingdom, WC2H 9JQ