R Team


  Founder / Director: Mr. Remi Mičiulis (UK)

  Monarchist, screenplay writer, businessman

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 Chief Executive Officer and co-founder (CEO): Mr. Chan Naseeb (Netherlands)


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 Chief Operating Officer and co-founder (COO): Mr. Martin McCafferty (Netherlands)


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 Chief Financial / Sales Officer and co-founder (CFO / CSO): Mr. Sherwin Sacki (UK)


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 Chief Marketing Officer and co-founder (CMO): Mr. Tomas Braithwaite (Spain)


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 Human Resources Officer and co-founder (HRO): Mr. Richard Alberto (UK)


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 Content Writer and co-founder: Mr. Riccardo Corona (UK)


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Advisory board

 Advisor and co-founder: Mrs. Natalia Tolmacheva (Finland)


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Previously updated 08 Dec 2018

Looking for hands on CTO, Lead Developer, Cyber Security,

Graphic Designer and Legal Counsel to join in as co-founders

If interested, please send your CV to info@remi-net.uk

Europe applicants ONLY

Company stage: planted-in SEED


Registered in England and Wales | Company number 10675396

The Company is doing business as BUSINESS AND DOMESTIC SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT (SIC 62012) and WEB PORTALS (SIC 63120)

Registered office: 71-75 Shelton Street, Covent Garden, London, United Kingdom, WC2H 9JQ