New user guide

Information how to create and manage your ReMi-Net account


Looking for arts and artistic people? It's easy to use our internal search engine


Use Search box or category filter to find what you are looking for

If you want to rate arts, contact artistic people or publish your art projects, you NEED to open you ReMi-Net account.


If don't have one yet, register using your social network account. It just a few clicks.
Log in to one of your social account, let say Google, and open ReMi-Net main page in a new tab. Then click on ''Login with Google'' tab and your new RMN account will be opened automatically

OR your email address


You have to read and agree with ReMi-Net platform Privacy Policy and Terms of Service regulations BEFORE you open an account


Don't forget to verify your email address by clicking on the link (if not received the email to your usual Inbox, please check your Spam folder).
If link is not working, simple copy and paste the link (long blue line) to the new tab and press Enter


Purchase a suitable subscription. If you want to keep it fee-free, click on Aluminium (Select subscription) button.

Extra benefits are available to our payable Customers only. Don't delay to try it all. It's worth it ;)


Edit your profile


Don't leave blank spaces. Make sure you provide all important information about your self.

If you speak more than one language, separate it by commas

Only key information is public. Your visitors will not see which subscription you purchased


Only account owner can see names in those 3 lists (''Friends, Followers, Following'').

If you want to contact other user, first you need to ''Follow'' or add it as ''Friend''.

''Views'' shows total your account visitor number and is public for everybody


Create your first art project


Name your art project and deliver as much information as you can. Make it look good


Choose 1 or 2 categories (hold Ctrl key if want to choose 2 or more categories)


Upload the most important photos, which will represent your art project

(will be shown on the left side of the project).

If you want, you can change the photo order WITHOUT re-uploading them. That's handy


You can upload the document (upload will start once you click on ''Save'' at the bottom of the page).

Video field is suitable only for iframe codes, not URLs


If you got online links to share, copy them to corresponding fields. Let your visitors see your connections with external World


Do you want to get your art project visible now or later? If now, make sure it's marked as ''Active''.

Once you click on ''Save'', document upload will start (if you chose to upload any).

Or you can save current changes and go straight to the Gallery


Once you get to the Gallery, you can upload a few more photos


That's how your Photo Gallery will look like on the bottom of your art project


Once clicked on any photo at the Gallery, it zooms out into a sliding frame (photo Gallery will not reduce quality of your uploaded pictures). You can move photos using mouse or clicking on the dots below


Here is no must to fill in all spaces in your project. If you leave other spaces empty, it will not be shown.

Please note that fields ''Picture #1'' and ''Description'' are essential


Every single square is an individual art project. It's you decide how much information your visitors will see


Once your profile and art projects are ready to be seen by the public, you can share links on other social channels


Edit your art projects at any time. Direct URL link to it will not change
(please do NOT change information in the ''Slug'' field)


If you decided you do not need particular art project, you can easily remove it (once deleted, you can NOT restore it)


Create your account today >>> Register Here

Any questions? If yes, please visit Questions and Answers page


Published: 26 December 2019