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''Covid-19 art story'' contest

Send us your story about how covid-19 did affect your creativity and future plans

Online tools for your home office

A mix of online tools/services to improve your office work

Opportunities for you to win

Taking a part in a contest gives you a chance to win. Try your luck!

New user guide

More information for new user how to manage its ReMi-Net account

Where to Showcase Your Art Online?

Now artists can use the convenience of internet technology to register an account in a few simple steps, add information about your art and portfolio and many more features on our artist social network.

Showcase Your Art on ReMi social Network!

ReMi Network has identified the need for artists to have their own unique social media platform and has created a portal specifically for artists to be seen.

ReMi Network Online Art Galleries

ReMi Network is the perfect online art gallery focused solely on allowing artists from all over the world a portal to share their work, sell their work or create prints to offer to the public. Whether artists specialize in abstract paintings or modern art, or portraits for examples, your creations can be shared with art connoisseurs all over the world.

ReMi Welcomes Contemporary Artists

A contemporary artist is able to fully project feelings and expression in their art able to use a variety of materials to reflect in beautiful masterpieces.

What is ReMi Art Online Social Network?

ReMi Artists Network art online network offers artists the advantage of marketing and networking opportunities which is the perfect vehicle for building your brand as an artist.

Greetings to all Artistic People

If you've been trying to get your artistic talents and creativity seen by others, you probably have been having a tough time. We are delighted to let you know that our new artist social network platform "ReMi-Net" has been launched and we invite you to  register and create your portfolio with us today.