Greetings to all Artistic People

ReMi-Net is the newest online social network created for artists and art enthusiasts, allowing people all over the world to connect and showcase their talents and creativity.

Today you have the opportunity to be artistic... be seen...

Art is truly an expression of each individual’s uniqueness and inside all of us there is an artist, or talent.

Some may discover and unleash this artists or talent within them while others may never realize their artistic creativity for a variety of reasons.

ReMi Artist Social Network gives artists the opportunity providing a user friendly portal where you can showcase your artistic talent for the entire world to see!

Art can truly be anything that people add to their 'unique output’ to which can be in any shape or form and in some cases can even be functional.

Many artists are unable to share their works with the world and for this reason ReMi Network has been born where you can showcase your masterpieces with others, offer sales of your work or prints and give insights of what your art is all about.

Your unique talent deserves to be seen in all its glory and now with modern technology you can do just that.

ReMi Network for Artists knows the importance of social media today, and with this in mind we have created a special portal for artists to showcase their talent and creativity in art online.

Our art online network shows the world your creativeness while allowing art lovers to enjoy your work and purchase their preferences in any types of art genres.

ReMi Artists Network offer artists the advantage of marketing and networking opportunities which is the perfect vehicle for building your brand as an artist.

Online art displayed on our platform is perfect for showcasing your talent with other artists and art fans, while it also gives you the chance to draw attention from professional art galleries and art publications.

Showcasing your art online is a smart way to access art lovers, and gives you the added advantage to monetize your art which both adds to your creative and future financial success.

As an artist you have the opportunity to build your unique brand no matter what type of art you specialize in.

We welcome all creative people to ReMi Art Social Network no matter what forms of art you specialize in.


Register with us if you create paintings, poetry, verses, song lyrics, scripts, screenplays, business ideas, sayings, meme (funny pictures with funny comments), graphic wallpapers, knitwear, wood/metal carvings, graffiti, handwriting, building designs, Lego, office documents, etc.


EVERYTHING and ANYTHING that is related to the ART and your unique expression of the way you see the world is welcome on our artists social network.

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Published: 29 November 2018